Barefoot Champions of the Mountain

Recently, a group of extraordinary children have captured the hearts and minds of the NBA, its fans, the American media and the global sports industry.They have been called the “Barefoot Champions of the Mountain”, and they consist of children from the indigenous Triqui and Zapotec regions of Oaxaca. The desire to be part of this national team is strong in the small community of Talea de Castro, where 45 kids, aged 10-11, are working hard to become part of this team. They understand their future is at stake and this is their ticket out of the poverty and the disenfranchised community they live in. Axiom is pursuing options to support these kids with uniforms, shoes, coaching and basketball courts, so they can realize their dream of a better life. Axiom’s efforts to help these poor smallholder farmers and their families learn to improve their educational and economic status is transforming, and most important: sustainable. To read the heartwarming story of their victory in the tournament called the International Festival of Mini-Basketball held in Argentina, visit