Women Farmers Influence Communities in Oaxaca

Women farmers have had an enormous and vital part of betterment Axiom is trying to provide smallholders and farmers. When farmers are women, research shows an additional impact on family and community including; a focus on the nutrition and educational needs of children, women’s increased self-esteem, and stronger decision-making voice in the home and community. Guillermina Gomez Jimenez is a single mother with 2 children, and when her father passed away and she took over the farm, she single-handedly was a mother and a great farmer who saved her farm and increased production 10 fold. Recently Guillermina organized 130 other smallholders from her community to start a coop so she can access greater value for her efforts in hopes of breaking out of the poverty trap and giving her children a chance for a hopeful future. Axiom applauds Jimenez and other women farmers like her, and their perseverance, and determination to transform their life and that of their children and we look forward to a long and successful partnering. 

Meet Guillermina Gomez Jimenez with Michael Sloan from Axiom

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