Crimson Cup 2015 Service Learning Trip to El Socorro, Honduras with OSU

For the third year in a row, Axiom is proud to support a service-learning trip to Honduras for students from the Ohio State University. We’ve been working with Crimson Cup and OSH in the remote mountain village of El Socorro de la Penitas since 2011, and the Friend2Farmer coffee produced by local villagers is served on the university campus.

Six students from Ohio State’s Colleges of Agriculture, Engineering, Political Science, and Nursing took part in the May 2015 trip. Led by Coffee Buyer Dave Eldridge, Zia Ahmed, senior director of OSU’s Student Life Dining Services and Kathy Grant, operations manager of OSU’s Student Life Dining Services, the students learned about coffee cultivation and issues facing small coffee farmers and their communities.

 Axiom is honored to partner with Crimson Cup and Ohio State in supporting smallholder farmers with in-origin visits that make a difference in the community of El Socorro, Honduras….read more on

Ø Institute (IHCAFE) laboratory in San Pedro. They learned how this organization regulates the coffee industry in Honduras, promoting excellence and sustainability in coffee cultivation and processing.

Ø On day two, the group arrived in El Socorro, where they toured a smallholder coffee farm and wet mill owned by David Lopez, a local community leader who allows other local farmers to process their freshly harvested coffee cherries at his mill. In the afternoon, they helped Lopez build a solar coffee dryer. The solar dryer gives Lopez greater control of the coffee-drying process.  As a result, coffee dries more consistently.

Ø On day three, the group toured a coffee dry mill, which removes parchment from the outside of green coffee beans, sorts out defects and packages coffee for export.Met with teachers and students at the community’s Jose Cecilio del Valle elementary school, which serves over 70 students.Participated in classroom sessions and engaged students in learning activities, songs and games.They also discussed the school’s challenges in setting up a program to teach English and agreed to send materials back to the school.

Ø The final day featured a trip to the community hospital in nearby El Carrizal. To help the local community treat respiratory illnesses, the group assembled six nebulizer machines, which   administer medication as a mist inhaled into the lungs. The need for nebulizers was identified during a previous trip, and this year’s students came prepared with plans and materials provided by Engineers Beyond Borders. They also taught the local medical team how to build their own nebulizers.

 It’s exciting to see the impact of our work in El Socorro grow year by year! This year’s students brought impressive levels of knowledge and energy to El Socorro, and the community has come to trust us and believe in our commitment. This, in turn, has led to openness in our communications and planning for future projects.