ANGELICO CHAVEZ BAUTISTA is from the community of: Guadalupe Nuevo Centro, Municipio de Santa Maria Zacatepec, Putla Oaxaca. For 40 years, since the age, of 10, Angelico has been helping with the family coffee farm. Taught by his father, he understands the full process from beginning (seedling) to the final product (washed organic coffee).

Due to his efforts he is now owner of his home, where he, his wife and 4 children live. They have devoted themselves to the care and production of a coffee orchard and farm where 80% of the production is coffee and the balance is dedicated to the growing of corn and beans, their main staple foods. For the first time the coffee harvest pays for his family’s basic livelihood; the purchase of food, clothing and school supplies for his children. Thanks to the increased productivity of his coffee orchard, which is a direct result of the support and training from Axiom Coffee, Angelico has addressed all the priority needs of his farm and his family. 

 Source.. Cooperativa Celso Garcia Garcia, Oaxaca Mexico: Impact Report to Rabobank Foundation – August 2015

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