Axiom Expands to Colima, Mexico and Nicaragua

In our continuing efforts to facilitate direct trade relationships with smallholder farmers and our partners; recently we were asked to expand Axiom’s Mexico operations to the state of Colima where Crop to Cup (a US importer/partner) had been involved in coffee purchasing from smallholders organized through a local cooperative.

Axiom and 13 smallholder coops making up most of the state’s independent coops entered into an agreement). Axiom will assist them in their efforts to increase the value of their crop by bettering the quality of their beans, securing access to critical harvest and export financing and allowing them to become supply-chain actors (no longer spectators) and access the premium coffee markets internationally.

Axiom has been able to build trust within the smallholder coops thus creating the pathway out of poverty for the farmers by: creating demand for their coffee, bringing financial support through Rabobank financing and in turn providing excellent products to the roasters internationally. These partnerships bring the source (rural smallholders) and the end users (brokers/roasters and consumers) together in ways never before possible. This is the essence of Axiom’s vision and mission.

Expansion Continues to Nicaragua
Axiom Nicaragua is now fully established and partnered with 6 coops in various coffee regions (Matagalpa, Junotega, and Boaco). We recently brought Rosario Castellon on board as country director to lead our local initiatives. Rosario brings a wealth of experience and knowledge based on her long established career in cooperative development and more recently as key executive for Root Capital (a financial micro-loan organization.