2019 Expansion

In 2016, after more than a decade of program development in origin countries, Axiom turned its attention on developing new options for importing and financing our smallholder community coffees within the mainland US. This development was necessary for us to serve a growing number of small- and medium-scale roasters eager to purchase direct-trade smallholder coffees but hindered by the inabilities to self-fund and warehouse a full year’s supply shipped from origin.

Today, specialty coffees and our line of roaster-exclusive small-lot offerings are sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and Peru, as well as our first origins, Mexico and Central America. These coffees are now highly valued by over 100 roasters in US and Canada.

Given our success, we are expanding our focus to the Republic of Korea and Southeast Asian importers and roasters, concentrating specifically on directly traded, traceable specialty coffees sourced from small farms in rural areas. Moreover, we are now in the process of developing programs in Kenya and Ethiopia, thus supplying two additional origins which our customers consider of great importance.