Partnerships that create opportunities & address challenges


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We're building a community of like-minded stakeholders who are passionate about creating positive social change through market forces.   

"We care about the farmers who grow the coffee we’ve been purchasing since 1992.  That’s why we've partnered with AXIOM; they offer a holistic, community-based solution that works and is economically sustainable.” - Kirsten Seaver, Director of Sustainability,  Coffee America (USA) Corporation 

"I’ve personally witnessed the transformational outcomes of what AXIOM rightly calls its ‘farmer-friendly’ approach and I’m proud to be among its founding investors.” -  John McKay, Director of SAJE Foundation

“We’re thankful for Axiom's networks and expertise in the coffee industry.  They enabled us to launch and sustain our business while funding water and shelter projects for the smallholders we work with in Honduras." -  Brian Masters, Director of Business, Hope Coffee

"Giving back is one of the core values of Crimson Cup, so partnering with AXIOM is a natural fit.    AXIOM has helped us to deepen our relationship with smallholders and create opportunities to touch their lives in meaningful ways." - Greg Ubert, Founder & CEO, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea 

“Student Life Dining Services recently launched a service learning collaboration to immerse students in the coffee production lifecycle, grow relationships, and understand the socioeconomic issues of the remote Honduran village of El Socorro de la Penita that grows the coffee served on campus.  We value our partnership with AXIOM Coffee Ventures in this initiative, and we applaud their help in this meaningful project that allows us to connect with smallholders.” - Zia Ahmed, Ohio State's Senior Director of Student Life’s Dining Services